Location Scouting and Final Funding

Today has been a day of adventure and imagination. After a early wake up call, a number of coffees, and an hour drive, the team finally arrived at the perfect location for CHARLIE. The scenery was rustic and abandoned with a flare of overgrown wasteland and is run by one of the nicest guys around, Mike. It's perfect for our dystonian on-the-run story.

Rustic Oaks has been used by projects from NCIS and Bosch to the Discovery Channel. This location was magical from the beginning. It's going to be the glue that brings CHARLIE to life. We're planning a mid to late July shoot, so most of the green will be gone and replaced with brown dying brush that gives the location a texture of desperation. 

However, as we drove North to scout, we received our email that our project's Kickstarter had reached it's funding goal!! We raised our production budget of $2,000 and then some! It is all falling into place. As we solidify the rest of the crew positions and move into casting, we'll be updating all our supporters to make sure they know the money is being put to good use.

CHARLIE has begun it's first round of casting. We've had over 200 submissions for the roles of Dorian and CHARLIE! With a lot of work ahead, we're wrapping up storyboarding and moving into the test shoot at light speed. Check back for more updates and check out Rustic Oak's website here.

Madison Lovely

Columbus, OH, United States

Just another filmmaker from Columbus and still young enough to be idealistic.