Fully Cast and Permits Approved

Getting drone permits and insurance was no easy task, but alas, we have succeeded. The CHARLIE producers have been working tirelessly to liaison between different insurance agents and film offices to finally get approved. We're getting ready for lift off, or more accurately, our brand new VR camera and drone companion CHARLIE is getting ready for lift off, as we move towards rehearsal and blocking. 

Meet the cast!

Max Vector

This up-and-coming young actor is a second dan black belt and the nicest kid you'll meet. He's serious about his craft and a quick study. Casting the role of Dorian, our child on the run, was no easy task and with over 100 applicants, Max stood out from the crowd. He crushed his callback audition and really connected with the team, getting everyone excited to work together. Soon Max will be running beside our drone CHARLIE and listening to the whispers of his co-star in his ear as we enter rehearsals. Watch out for Max when CHARLIE finally releases, because we have a feeling he's going to steal a few hearts. 



Bryan Hornbeck

From the minute we heard Bryan's voice we labeled him as a top contender. Soothing and passionate, Bryan will be the voice of Dorian's AI companion drone CHARLIE, beating out over 100 other contenders. Voice acting is no easy task, but we've found a perfect fit with this new talent.  

We're excited to get started with rehearsal! As June dies down and July rolls in, our cast and crew begins to assemble and meet one another. Soon we'll be putting together our drone/camera rig to bring this project to life and give audiences everywhere an experience like never before. Stay tuned as July is going to be one extremely busy month and we're excited to share our progress. 

Madison Lovely

Columbus, OH, United States

Just another filmmaker from Columbus and still young enough to be idealistic.