Madison Lovely


Madison wants to live in a world filled with endless TV shows, snowboarding minus the cold, and a "restore last save" button for life.

As a filmmaker, with her own production company, she’s worked with talented international and local artists to bring her ideas to life. She is currently attending the University of Southern California and is a part of their very prestigious School of Cinematic Arts. She has achieved multiple Official Selections for her short films and was nominated for the Lift-Off 2015 Season Award for Overall Animation.

When she’s not running a business or producing films, you can find her submerged in new video games, falling into the "show hole", or throwing the tennis ball just one more time for her chocolate labradoodle, Moose.

Her most recent short film, Let's Be Practical, was released in October of 2015 through the festival circuit. She is currently working as a Script Supervisor for a Jaunt VR production titled Going Astray slotted for a Winter 2017 release. Her next project is her very own virtual reality short film that will explore the world of immersive media and all it has to offer emotional storytelling. Pre-production starts Summer 2017.

Cin Anderson


Cin is currently studying at USC’s School for Cinematic Arts. Her love for film stems from her D.C.-based high school, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, from 2006 to 2010. While attending, she gained a love of filmmaking and submitted short films to the school’s nascent film festival once every year, and ended up running and hosting the festival in her junior and senior years. She won first place at this festival for her final high school short, HECTOR BERLIOZ’S MARCH TO THE SCAFFOLD, an adaptation of the Hector Berlioz symphony movement in which a high school student is dogged by visions of festival-goers on his way to his final exam.


Cin continued her studies at Oberlin College, where she continued to make short films, such as the first-person science fiction short VIRTUALS. In addition, she was active in the theater community, serving as music director of seven musical theater performances in the space of a year and a half. Cin spent a semester abroad at Prague Film School, and graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Cinema Studies in 2014.


In 2015, Cin arrived in Los Angeles to study for her master’s degree in film production at USC’s School for Cinematic Arts. She has produced and directed many shorts while attending school, including THE LOST MEDIUM, a futuristic short about a detective on a missing persons case who stumbles across the world’s last bookstore. She has also interned for production companies such as Vertigo Entertainment and Scott Rudin Productions.

Elenor Cho


Eleanor has three eyes; her third is the lens of her camera.

She is an undergraduate Film Production student at USC School of Cinematic Arts. She aspires to become a producer because as a female minority, she wants to be able to promote diversity on screen and believes in telling the stories of the unheard.

Through her experience working as a producer for a film company known as Jubilee Project, she learned that she actually aspires to tell other people’s stories through her work in film. Jubilee Project is a non- profit organization that creates content to increase awareness and inspire action. As a producer, she has produced short films and video content that have garnered millions of views on Youtube and Facebook, and was even featured in the Huffington Post. Her film, Heartsick, won the UC Riverside 2016 film festival “Best Overall” category. Her most recent film, Laserboy, is going through the festival circuit.

The experience in Jubilee Project motivated her to give back to communities through making films for change, and she established a student organization at USC called Spotlight On Hope. The purpose of the group is to give back to the community by holding free film workshops where they teach children cancer patients about film-making. The goal is to allow the kids to take a break from the daily tolls of cancer treatment and bring their imaginations to life.

As the media has such a vast influence on society, she aims to utilize the full extent of her filmmaking ability to leave a positive impacton the world. Her hope is to produce content that will create a movement of empowering change makers.