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Bringing interesting, entertaining, and challenging ideas to the screen

team photo
Pictured above (left to right): Ted Messick (voice actor), Madison Lovely (President of LMP), Hillary Hastings (Lead Animator)

About Us

Founded in June of 2015, Lovely Mess Productions is an collaborative independent production company from Columbus, Ohio now running out of Los Angeles, CA. The company is centered around connecting artists and creating moving stories. We've done various projects, from weddings and videos for major companies to local projects, but focus in short films. We hope to continue to grow and partner with various other artists around the world to bring interesting, entertaining, and challenging ideas to the screen. Our goal is to inspire others to contribute THEIR verse.

Short Films

An animated short film about a boy who takes control of his grandfather's bedtime story and makes a more 'realistic' version by adding a cynical and depressing ending to the 'happily ever after' one told by his grandfather. The short demonstrates the world kids are growing up in today and the things they're really taking away from the hushed conversations of adults and divorce culture.

Hang Onto Your Shorts Festival

The first project, Between The Lines, is an award winning short film produced by Madison  when she was only fourteen. Between The Lines was written, filmed, and produced in three intense days. 


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