Let's Be Practical

Lovely MEss Production's First Official Short Film

An animated short film about a boy who takes control of his grandfather's bedtime story and makes a more 'realistic' version by adding a cynical and depressing ending to the 'happily ever after' one told by his grandfather. The short demonstrates the world kids are growing up in today and the things they're really taking away from the hushed conversations of adults and divorce culture.



Kids are like parrots, they absorb, hear, and watch everything we do and say around them and spit it back in the worst ways possible. In a culture fueled by divorce, custody agreements, and reality tv, it can really have an affect on how the next generations view the 'family unit'. This is the story of a young boy named Randy, who is told a bedtime story by his optimistic and old-fashioned grandfather. But before his grandfather can finish the magical stereotypical bedtime story with a 'happily ever after' ending, Randy cuts in. Randy declares the story unrealistic, leaving his grandfather to ask for Randy's 'realistic' ending. As Randy takes over the bedtime story we're lead down a very cynical and frustrating journey, watching as the Prince tries to win over the beautiful Princess. Ultimately, Randy ends the story with a terrifying twist, leaving his grandfather shocked and worried. The grandfather screams for his daughter, Helen, declaring that he will never read his grandson another bedtime story.

Behind The Making of Let's Be Practical

Behind the making of Lovely Mess Production's first short film, Let's Be Practical.

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