A Cinematic VR Short Film

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The Concept

We’ve fallen in love with the adorable personality of Baymax in the film Big Hero Six.

We all wish we had the intelligent system that is J.A.R.V.I.S. from the Iron Man movies (British accent and Paul Bettany sold separately).

But we’ve never seen through the eyes of these artificially intelligent beings. With virtual reality, now we can.

Welcome to C.H.A.R.L.I.E - the Computerized, Holographic, Aerial, Radar, Learned-Intelligence, Encryption companion. Using advanced drone technology and a state of the art artificially intelligent personality, Wade Tech has created the ultimate domestic AI unit.

A young child, DORIAN WADE, finds himself on the run after a terrible incident, ripping his family apart. Leaving with only a backpack and the Wade Tech’s first prototype companion, CHARLIE, the two escape into the forest in search of the family Rendezvous point.

In this unique and experimental VR experience, the audience is transported into the mind of a robot with only one goal, protect the child. With the endearing and systematic voice of CHARLIE ringing in our ears, we see through his eyes and create a bond like no other with our characters.

In this short film the audience will explore the innocence of a child in a whole new way, seeing, feeling, and hearing the suspense of danger around every corner. There’s only one catch: there’s nothing we can do about it.

We watch Dorian as he’s torn from our grasps, the audience failing our only duty, as CHARLIE’S batteries finally run out. Feeling everything and having no control, this story explores the new boundaries and thematic resonance that virtual reality has to offer.

CHARLIE minimalistic fan art
 Follow the CHARLIE production journey through our blog, The Messy update   HERE  !

Follow the CHARLIE production journey through our blog, The Messy update HERE!


The VR Pitch

Virtual Reality technology brings with it the opportunity to immerse viewers into an entirely new world. Instead of passively watching a screen, viewers are a part of a living, breathing 360 space. Yet, many available VR films are experiences rather than character driven stories. Most don’t fully utilize story and characters as a medium to connect and engage the audience. We intend to unlock VR’s potential of emotional connection. Virtual Reality offers an entirely new set of space and tools for filmmakers to experiment with. The rules and boundaries are still being written for this medium, all it has to offer still being explored. We intend to make a story specifically for VR instead of translating 2D concepts into the 360-degree environment.

Our narrative will take advantage of all VR has to offer and then some. Our film will explore a brand new technique of attaching a VR camera to an aerial drone. The audience will experience a story from the perspective of a futuristic AI Drone named CHARLIE. Attaching a VR camera to a drone rig will provide a new perspective of 360-degree space, taking viewers into the air and into future. This not only unlocks a new meaning to “first-person” perspective but will explore characterization in ways previously never possible. The drone will display a futuristic light-weight interface that wraps around the 360-degree frame, putting VR VFX to the test.

With elements such as GPS tracking, battery-life, system warnings, and data-mining functions, the AI robot will take on a life and personality of its own. Better yet, the audience will take on a new life and experience a story like never before. The story will explore the AI robot’s relationship with the human child, providing an intimate look into Dorian’s psyche as he works through emotions like grief in a high-intensity situation. The audience will quickly learn their new environment as they watch Dorian’s back and sense danger around every corner.


We successfully funded this amazing project on Kickstarter with $2700+ which was $700 over our goal! We've also raised a stagger extra $1,000, bringing our our total budget to a little under $4,000. This is by far Lovely Mess Production's biggest project yet!

 Funding the next frontier of filmmaking is no small task, all investors be funding the next generation of cinematic pioneers on an incredible journey to change the way stories are experienced.